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Hydraulic Attachments

Our hydraulic attachments are simple, durable, economical, and functional. Our rotator is a more economical way to add 360 degree rotating functionality to your forklift. See the Hydraulic Accessories section for related accessories.

Booms and Lifting Accessories

Instantly turn your forklift into a mobile crane with one of our CBI booms. Our heavy duty lifting rigs can be carriage mounted, or fork mounted, and may be rigid, extension, or customized. All of our booms come with high strength alloy shackles, swivel hooks, and safety chains if required. If one of our standard models doesn't fit your needs we can make a custom boom that will.

Carriage Products and Load Backrests

We produce carriage items for almost any application and almost any lift truck, including integral attachments for many brands such as Hyster, Caterpillar, Yale, Clark, Nissan, and Toyota. Our false carriages, fork spreaders, and wide frame attachments can help you handle wide loads, odd shaped materials, and multiple pallets. A side shifter or fork positioner can add vital functionality to your lift truck, and help customize your forklift to be exactly what you need it to be. If one of our standard models doesn't fit your needs we can make custom attachments that will.

Fork extensions and fork Products

We can create forks and fork accessories for almost any purpose, our fork extensions, slip on pads, and fold up forks are quick, economical ways to add custom functionality to your lift truck. We also can create repair kits for your worn out platen tips for your push/pull attachment, and help you find specialty forks, and mounting equipment. If one of our standard models doesn't fit your needs, chances are we can make something that will.

Carpet & Coil Rams

Rams and poles for your forklift are one of our specialties here at CBI. We build them to work, and build them to last. Some applications our clients have used our rams for include: rugs, carpet, paper, coiled material, pipes, bulk material rolls, and roofing. If one of our standard models doesn't fit your needs, chances are we can make something that will.

Hose and Cable Management

Our hand made Electricoil and Hydracoil hose and cable retraction systems will help keep your lift trucks hydraulic hoses and electrical cables neat and organized while improving your field of view and safety, as well as getting rid of leaks and cable and hose reels for good.

Hydraulic Accessories

The hydraulic components on your forklift are important to keep your lift truck running with the functionality you need. We produce or distribute a selection of quality quick disconnect hydraulic fittings, hydraulic forklift accessories, relief valves, side shift valves, pressure gauges, add-a-function kits, electric control handles, hydraulic motors.

Safety Products

Safety is a major concern when it comes to forklifts, our safety stands and mast blocks will help you stay safe while maintaining your lift truck. A forklift safety stand is far more stable than a traditional jack stand, and will last a lifetime. CBI mast blocks have three built in height options, a simple & durable design, and are far easier and safer than wooden blocks.

Specialty Attachments

Our team can assemble attachments for almost any purpose, our rail car door opener, traditional ball hitch, 5th wheel style trailer spotter attachments, and yard blade are examples of some of our specialty attachments. We have built attachments of every size and shape for all types of clients. If you have an idea for an attachment, or simply a need that your not sure how to handle, give us a call. We have the experience and the expertise to help you.

CBI - Miscellaneous Items

We offer custom cut replacement ribbed rubber pads for clamps, safety stands, mast blocks, and other attachments, as well as other miscellaneous replacement items and small parts. Call for Specific inquiries